Is Street Style Still Relevant?

Posted by Ali Brownrigg on

I used to love looking at street style photography - back when it was sincere and authentic and not staged and deliberate. I think that early street style documented the inventive and interesting things people picked out for themselves to wear, rather than some bizarre getup that their stylist thought would get them the most media attention. But that was before Instagram and influencers. Ah well, I guess I’m now an old lady who complains about how things used to be better back in my day - so be it.

However, as I was perusing this Vogue article on street style from the recent Milan Fashion Week, I was pleasantly surprised by how sane and lovely and comfortable many of the attendees looked. And how attainable some of their outfits were. And how silly people who overdressed looked.*

I saw great use of color, adept inclusion of modern sportswear, lots of flat, comfy shoes and boots and simple outfits that featured one unique pop that totally made the look. Of course, it could just be the Milanese influence that I’m reacting to. I’ll never forget a woman I saw there once who looked so stunning in all black with a bright coral necklace as her only accessory. So easy and so, so chic.

Anyway, here are some of the looks that inspired me. Check out the Vogue article linked to above and find your own faves.


*Sorry Anna Dello Russo, not a fan of this. Overdressing is so last decade.

All photographed by Thomas Razzano


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