Ah Men is Ah Mazing

Posted by Ali Brownrigg on

I knew this kaftan was fricking amazing the minute I spied it but it turns out it’s amazing for another reason, as well. It’s from the brand Ah Men, and today I learned (from @tomandlorenzo) that Ah Men was a store and catalog created in 1962 by Don Cook and Jerry Furlow, two gay men who weren’t finding the style of clothing they liked in mainstream retail at the time.
Tom & Lorenzo posted many fantastic photos of pages from the catalog, and explain, “From thongs to caftans to short-shorts, AH MEN offered gay men the aspirations to lead a fully open, fully sexual life at a time when literally no one else was making such an offer. It is largely considered one of the earliest retail establishments to openly court gay customers and serve as a sort of gathering spot and community center at a time when such things were mostly situated underground or in the margins.”
See, amazing, right!? I haven’t measured this yet, but it’s large and long, suitable for many body types. I’m pricing it a bit higher than usual because it’s kind of like a piece of #gayhistory.

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